Isn’t it weird…

… To think that where you are at this very point in time is a sum of all the decisions you made over the course of your whole life?

That who you are today reflects how you chose to spend each and every day in the past?

And that what you’re doing right now is going to affect who you are tomorrow and every single day after that?

How freaky.

I love and hate when I have random epiphanies like this. First, because I feel like it’s something everybody should know. Second, because it makes me hate myself for ever spending time being negative when I could have dedicated that energy to being happy and working productively.

I really wish I weren’t such a worry-wart. I envy the people who can stay positive through anything. But I think I’m slowly but surely getting better at being optimistic.

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One thought on “Isn’t it weird…

  1. Interesting post. Like attracts like. 🙂

    More (super) power!

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