The Davis County Convention

I had the opportunity so meet Donna McAleer this weekend - Awesome democratic candidate for Utah House Congressional District 1. She has my vote!

I’m usually not enthusiastic when I’m asked about my weekend. When people ask me what I do on the weekends, I usually give a boring response about how I watched a documentary or did enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing. Working 60 hours a week can really take a toll on me, and I enjoy my weekends by doing absolutely nothing.

I did one of the coolest things I’ve ever done this weekend (which really isn’t saying much, since I clearly am a loser). I went to the Davis County Convention as a county delegate. I really enjoyed getting to know the candidates and learning about their reasons for running. We’ve got some tough competitions and I really hope that we can get more Democrats from our state into the U.S. Congress this year. All the candidates are great people with good intentions, and it’s really making my decision on who to vote for really tough.

Apart from meeting the candidates, I met a lot of other like-minded people who were delegates too. It was such a cool thing to meet with people who share the same interest in politics as me. Being surrounded by such smart and accomplished people at the Mayor’s office all the time, sometimes I feel like one of the stupidest people in the world. Even working for Helen makes me feel intimidated to share my thoughts and ideas on projects. So interacting with other people who are just as excited about these things as I am, without the decades of experience or name recognition, was really really cool.

Oh yeah, and I’m a state delegate now. Meaning, that I’m going to vote for myself next weekend at the State Convention. HAHAHA.

I’m really jazzed up for next weekend. Let’s hope I make it to North Carolina! Fingers crossed!


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