“And Sometimes Life Just isn’t Easy for Any of Us.”

In an article I found in the New Yorker, Ann Romney is describing her hardships as a stay-at-home mom, and is praising those moms who still go to work even when they have children to take care of. I’m sure she has good intentions when she says, “… Sometimes life just isn’t easy for any of us.” Everybody has problems, and even at 21 years old, I feel like I already know a little bit about taking on challenges – But of course, I think hardship is relative. Everyone has their own perception of what constitutes life obstacles, including Ann Romney:

Now that Ann is using the details of her domestic life for political  purposes, journalists and Obama supporters are sure to focus on parts of that  existence that might reflect less well on her and her husband. For example, she  has said that when Mitt was in college, the two of them were so financially  strapped that they had to liquidate some of their stock portfolio to get by. At  the time Mrs. Romney said that she was engaged in a “struggle” to bring up her  children, the family was living in a seven bedroom, six-and-a-half-bathroom  mock-Colonial mansion in Belmont, Massachusetts, while spending summers at  their five-thousand-square-foot vacation home, which sits on eleven lakefront  acres in New Hampshire.

I love this woman – and think the Democrats should just remain goldenly silent.   People so financially strapped in college that they had to liquidate some of  their stock portfolio to get by say enough without Obama supporters having to  say a thing.

Like I said, hardships and life obstacles are relative, I guess.

On another note, I’m really trying to read news from both sides because I think our views are shaped by our relative perceptions of hardship, failure and success. I’m trying to understand why my friends and other students my age are Republicans – I’ve had conversations with them, and I’m still trying to understand how anyone could support a presidential who would’ve let the financial sector collapse, or who would’ve let Detroit go bankrupt. I’m trying to understand why they believe we needed to stay in the war even after Osama Bin Laden was killed. I’m trying to understand why they are so afraid of being “Socialist,” when these so-called “Socialist” ideals work so beautifully in Europe – socialized medicine is actually less costly and brings about better results, and taxes in Europe are actually a lot higher compared to the U.S. but people don’t mind the redistribution of income. I’m trying to understand why they think it’s imperative to take back federal lands as well as withdraw from the United Nations?… But I just really can’t make that connection. I know it’s an election year, so Obama’s campaign has got me all hypnotized in thinking he’s saving the world, but the hard-right platform really doesn’t appeal to me at all. I wish I could just have all the issues laid out in front of me and explained in a way that makes sense by both sides.

I’ll admit there are times I feel like I should be a Republican because I grew up in Utah where the state is tainted red, but maybe now there’s just no doubt about it – I really am a Democrat. Regardless, we’re all AMERICANS, and we won’t be able to move forward until we can all get together and compromise to reach bipartisan solutions to tough issues. Even though I don’t agree with hardly anything the Right feels is important, I think it’s still important to have a balance between the two parties in government so solutions will be based more on the right way to approach problem rather than what the party believes is the right way.

Wow, this blog evolved from one thing to another. Thanks, Ann Romney for the inspiration. Haha


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