Au Revoir, SLC Mayor’s Office!

Today is my last day at Mayor Ralph Becker’s office. It definitely feels bittersweet – I’m going to miss walking to this beautiful building everyday and all the wonderful people I have the opportunity of working with, but I’m also ready for a new adventure.

It was really rough for me when I started here – I was forced to abandon my fabulous, wine & dine, sophisticated young professional lifestyle in DC, and come home to dull, boring old Utah. I was comparing every aspect of my experience here to what I had in DC, and it really was so hard for me to accept that this would be my life for the next four months.

There are two major things I’m taking away from this internship –

1.) I most likely do NOT see myself working in city government. The issues are just not something that interest me, and working in city government doesn’t really require having much of an opinion, really. The work that needs to be done at the city level needs to be done regardless of if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. There were times when I was super excited about my work here, including when the legislature was in session and working on the Olympic Exploratory Committee, but for the most part, the regular day-to-day business of city government doesn’t interest me all that much. In other words – I want to work in policy that requires stomping-ass on Republicans, not work that needs to be done anyway. The work the city government is VERY important – it’s just not my cup of tea, and I am appreciative of those who work to keep our communities safe, efficient and livable.

2.) On the other hand, my experience here made me realize that Small Lake City isn’t all that bad – it’s a small city, so it’s really easy to network. It’s ESPECIALLY easy to network because we have an even smaller community of Democrats. It hasn’t necessarily found me a good-paying job, but there are plenty of opportunities that I just need to work for. Getting to know the political community and attending democratic functions has made me realize that I would absolutely love to work in Utah Politics someday – and that I want my future office to be at the very top of the Chase Building downtown. Most beautiful view of the mountains I’ve ever seen! Maybe staying in Utah isn’t such a bad choice after all.

DC will always be my happy place, but Utah will always be my home.

I’m so glad to have had this rewarding opportunity to make a difference in my community, and I’m ready for my next adventure – Onward and upward!


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