Peter Cooke’s Campaign Team

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but a lot has happened over the last week. I officially started scheduling for Peter Cooke and I absolutely love it! The first day, I felt star-struck to be sitting in a staff meeting with people I recognized from the small Democratic community, including Salt Lake County Council Member Randy Horiuchi, Salt Lake County Chair Mary Bishop, Vince Rampton – son of the late 3-term Democratic Governor of Utah Cal Rampton, and Rob Miller writer of the Utah Amicus. And of course, Mr. and Mrs. Cooke – but what struck me the most was that everyone is so down to earth. I didn’t feel like I had to sit in a chair along the outside of the conference room, like I usually did during my internships. I felt like they actually wanted to hear from me, and wanted to include me in the discussion. The first day was great!

A week later, I’ve already become acquainted with a lot of new people. Well, technically, I already knew who THEY were, but they didn’t know who I am. But it’s seriously been the coolest experience to interact with such smart and accomplished people on a day to day basis, and it’s even COOLER when they I call people and they recognize my last name – “Kat VILLANUEVA!? Oh hey, I know you!”


Also, they were SO nice to give me my own little office to work in. I’ve never had an office before! It feels so cool to hear people say, “Kat’s office is right over there…” And as soon as people come in looking for me, I’m so tempted to turn around and say, “Ah, I’ve been expecting you.”

It’s only the first week, but it’s definitely been such a great experience so far. I love sitting in meetings and listening to everyone’s strategic ideas, I love being a part of the process, and I love working for such a down-to-earth man like Peter Cooke. He really deserves to be elected. I wouldn’t work for him 30 hours a week pro bono if I didn’t believe this was true.


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