30-Second Elevator Speech

At our most recent Monday morning staff meeting, Peter Cooke’s lovely wife, Heather, challenged us to come up with a 20-30 second elevator speech we would give to a Republican to convince them to vote for Peter.

I’m struggling, really.

The casual conversations I have with people about Peter aren’t really tied to him being a Democrat. I usually mention how down-to-earth he and Heather are, and how great it is to interact with them on a daily basis. I talk about his sense of humor and the enormous value he places on his family.

When I talk to Republicans about Peter, I mostly bash on Gary Herbert and talk about all the ridiculous things that have taken place under his lack of leadership, and his whole-lot-of-nothing that he’s accomplished since the start of his administration. But Republicans don’t see these things – they think Gary Herbert is doing a great job.

[This is where I go off on a tangent… My bad.]

I was once told, “Kathleen, Peter Cooke is NOT going to win. He says a lot of smart things, but the people of Utah don’t want a visionary – they want someone who won’t make mistakes.”

They’d rather have their state run by someone who accomplishes absolutely nothing rather than a leader who actually has enough concern to come up with plans to foster growth in Utah?

Not too long ago, I attended the Jobs for Utah’s Future Symposium at SLCC where Gary Herbert talked for about 45 minutes on absolutely nothing. The one part of his speech I recall the most was something along the lines of, “It isn’t the government’s responsibility to create jobs. It’s ultimately up to the individual to season himself to compete.”

Okayyyy – so what IS the government’s role? To sit there and do nothing at all? What the hell, man?

[This is where I get back on track.]

So since the average Utah Republican has an attention span of 20 to 30 seconds when it comes to any subject in regard to Democrats [by this, I mean anything that makes sense], and since bashing on Gary Herbert is not a good way of getting through to them since they think he’s a perfect little angel by doing absolutely nothing up at the capitol [pause for breath – ahh, long sentence], the campaign team concluded that the best way to get through to them is by providing SOLUTIONS. Solutions to the issues of greatest concern that are not necessarily partisan, but solutions that will make sense to everyone – regardless of skill, background, party affiliation, etc.

The great thing about Peter is that he is very open-minded and he represents such diverse values because of his experiences and background – from the LDS church, to military/veteran interests, to business & economic development and government affairs. Peter is very much seasoned in every aspect to lead, and to spearhead action on the toughest issues, and he places value on the right priorities because he can relate to Utah families and understand the issues that are the most important.

That’s what I would say. People vote for the candidate who they can relate to. They want someone who is smart and who has maintained a good track record to prove they have what it takes to lead, someone with good ideas and who is actually concerned about the most important issues – someone like Peter S. Cooke.


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