I love this app. I am an addict.

I don’t think I’m super creative, and I never really thought of myself as the artistic type. If anything, I am the kind of person who spent 30 minutes running through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and I felt like I had already seen all that there was to see. I heard it is supposed to take many years to actually read the descriptions on each and every exhibit in the whole damn museum – Shows how much I appreciate art. It’s very sad.

But even with my artistically-challenged mind, I really enjoy using Instagram. I take random pictures of random things and I get excited when people “like” them, indicating that they either a) see the artistic value in my random photo, or b) are just being nice – two things that make me happy. It’s probably the social aspect of it, but I really like using it.

My point is, to fill in the gaps between this and the last post I’ve made, you could refer to my pictures on my Instagram account to fill in the gaps in the story since I’ve been so bad about updating. @Kaytilan!

YAAAY, Instagram!


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