Meet mine & Branden’s puppy, Charlie.


He’s such a good dog. Potty-training him wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. He listens and he’s always happy. It’s funny because he relies on me and my boyfriend to take care of him, by feeding him and keeping him healthy. But I actually rely on him to keep me happy. He learns new tricks really well, but there’s something even more important that I can learn from him.

We’re all going to make bad decisions that we look back on and are ashamed of. When Charlie pooped on my Ikea rug, he looked so embarrassed when I scolded him. The next day, he made the exact same mistake, and I reprimanded him again. But he moves on. He doesn’t hold a grudge with me. He makes the same mistakes more than once, but he learns and becomes better from him, but doesn’t hold it against me. He’s always a happy puppy and he treats me as if I never yelled at him and forced his tail between his legs.

I need to become that kind of person. Despite the choices I make, I’m going to have to deal with the way I played my cards and accept the consequences. I can’t be bitter – all it does is waste time. I just need to stay positive and keep moving forward. I really wish I could be more like Charlie, and wake up the next day with a fresh, positive attitude and just keep chugging along. I’m going to keep making decisions I regret, and I’m just going to have to continuously aim to iimprove and move forward.

I Love my puppy. He makes my life better in so many ways.


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