Finally :)

After being a slave for The Cicero Group for ten months, I was finally offered a full-time researcher job on Monday. This reality didn’t hit me right away though. After rewriting hundreds of resumes and cover letters, driving around Salt Lake City meeting with principals of major companies, living off of ramen with eggs and falling into a depression over the last couple of months, it didn’t seem real. But I finally got a job!

It’s really exciting to be working a regular 9 to 5, with consistent and substantive work. With this economy, this is the best opportunity I’ve been given so far, and I am just so grateful that my prayers have finally been answered. I am also pretty excited to be working in a field that reconciles my interests in politics and economics, so at least it’s still something substantive to juice up my resume. I’m SO relieved that I won’t be selling shoes at Nordstrom, even though it would’ve been a fun job.

I finally realized that this was really happening when I heard my supervisor talking about setting up my new cubicle and when the company’s Executive Vice President, a man I’ve grown to truly admire, stopped by to let me know how happy he was to hear that I would be staying for another year. I am starting to feel like I am really a part of this company, and it’s great to know that people are happy about it.

Now, I’m daydreaming about how much better my life is going to be now that I have a better-paying job. I will have a lot more time to study for the LSAT since I won’t be volunteering for 25 hours a week. I have enough time to even go back to school for a Master’s if I wanted to! Finding time to go to the gym won’t be an issue, but perhaps getting myself to actually go still will be. I can buy new things for my little apartment, maybe even a COUCH finally! I’ll be able to afford shopping and eating out again… I’ll actually be able to pay down my credit cards a bit, and hopefully I’ll be driving a shiny new Mini Cooper soon. 🙂

God takes such good care of me. I am so grateful… I’m finally moving forward again.


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