The Social Consumer

I think I live in the coolest generation. 

We live in a world where we can instantly access any information that we want.  Anytime we’re curious about something, we could just Google it and pull up all the information we need.  Yet isn’t it sad that though we have the power to access any information we want about anything in the world, we use the internet mostly to look up funny videos or Facebook stalk our friends? Haha!

A more productive thing we could use social media for is shopping.  We don’t have to dig really deep to do research on a product before we buy it – All we need to do is go on Facebook to see what other people are buying.  If we’re active on Facebook enough, Facebook’s analytics will even pull sponsored links onto our News Feed about products we could be considering.

I had no idea of the extent to which businesses were interested in my generation’s behavior until I started working on a really cool project for work.  Currently, Gen Y makes up the largest part of the country’s population, and companies are incorporating our crappy financial status due to the recession, our internet and social media activity, and our obsession with fast and convenient service into their marketing strategies to reach the younger customer segment. I find it so intriguing how much information is out there and how businesses are leveraging it.

I’m really excited to see how the “big data” movement evolves over the next few years – It’s amazing how much we can already do, but I’m sure there’s still so many more possibilities we haven’t even thought of yet.  Imagine what we’ll be able to do as soon as we can make sense of the mess that is big data!  It’s going to be awesome 😀


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