How You Know You Work with a Bunch of Nerds

1. “Ubiquitous” is the word used most often in every conversation.

2. Your co-workers think it’s cool to keep their old undergraduate statistics and economic theory textbooks on their desk and never read them.

3. Everyone takes notes during Lunch and Learns and is excited to go home and whiteboard them with their families.

4. Your co-worker who is planning on asking his girlfriend to marry him made a spreadsheet with possible methods of proposing and the price and feasibility of each one.

5. It is the norm to work EXTREMELY hard.  So hard that…

  • A typical work-week is a 65-hour work-week.
  • Everyone gets to work by 7 AM and leaves for home around 7 PM – Anyone who wakes up at 6 AM is considered “lazy” or a “slacker.”
  • Everyone eats their lunch at their desk. No one ever goes out to eat unless it’s a lunch meeting.
  • They protect time in their calendars for things you shouldn’t have to, “spending time with their families.”

6. Everyone reads the Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic, The Economist, and/or The New Yorker.  Or at least tries to when they have time.

7. Everyone dreams of becoming a professor someday.

8. Everyone has strong political views, but no one discusses them at work because we’re all too busy.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

9.  Nobody knows anything about social media, popular movies or TV shows.  But everyone knows everything about national/world events, the most prestigious universities, the most successful companies, and the most influential C-level execs.

10.  Everyone asks for opportunities to improve and try newer tasks, even if they’re difficult to perform.

My work-life in a nutshell.  It’s really cool to be working with such smart and driven people.  I learn new things everyday, and it’s really been an awesome experience.  It’s also a really supportive environment – I get a lot of feedback that is meant to be helpful rather than critical, and I feel like I have really strengthened my knowledge base.  I still have a lot of areas I’d like to get better at, but I still have a lot of time. 🙂


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