Thoughts on Gun Control

I’ve been trying so hard to avoid this subject because I know it’s a really controversial and sensitive issue right now.  Yet, the fact that gun control is currently a very controversial and sensitive issue is the exact reason why I decided to finally get this out of my system.

I don’t think there’s a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to any policy.  But as a general rule of thumb, I simply use the following approach:  If we have the power to improve a situation, even by just a small positive difference, I think we should do it. Of course, the “situation” under consideration needs to be a legitimate and important one – Not something obscure and unreasonable, like allocating $300,000 to removing wolves from the endangered species list (**cough, cough***UTAH LEG**cough!!**)

For example, in regard to fixing the economy, I think it was a smart move for President Obama to bail out the auto and financial industries.  It was costly in the short-run, but I feel that the country greatly benefitted from that move.  The auto industry is doing better than ever and they’ve already paid off their loans.  Wall Street still hasn’t repaid their loans, but the stock market is doing better than ever.

Back to the gun control issue, I think that it’s important to impose stricter regulations on the sale of large, military-class firearms.  It is a legitimate issue because of all of the shootings we’ve had over the last few years: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Fort Hood, VA Tech.  It’s not like proposals for measures to regulate firearms have come out of nowhere.  It is our duty to do everything in our power to prevent tragedies from happening, and it would be wrong not to do so.  Deeply troubled and lonely people who want to leave this world, but leave it with a “legacy” look to planning shootings like this.  We need to create an environment where it is NOT OKAY to even think about doing something this, and NOT EVEN FEASIBLE to carry out.

Imposing stricter regulations on firearms sales and stricter qualifications for obtaining a concealed carry permit would create a safer atmosphere.  There have been many arguments, such as, “Well, drugs are illegal, but people can still get drugs!”  Well, DUH, but we’re going to make it harder for mentally unstable people to obtain firearms/permits, and we’re going to create harsh punishments for violating the rules.  And we’re going to enforce the shit out of it.

Since the complete ban of firearms [and even pepper spray] in Washington, DC, the crime/murder rate has diminished significantly.  It’s an outcome of basic statistics – If less people carry guns, there will be less shootings.  The United States has the highest concentration of guns in the world – approximately 88.8 firearms for every 100 people.  For what reason would anyone need to have that many guns for?  Not just having “a” gun, but multiple military-class weapons!

For the record, the crazies who think the Feds are “taking away your right to defend yourself” need to watch something other than Fox News and ask for a refund on their college tuition.  Nobody is taking away your 2nd amendment rights, and why the hell do you need a freaking AK-47 for anyway??

[regaining my composure]

As I was saying, I think it’s our duty to do everything that we can to facilitate a positive change, even if it’s small in scale.  It wouldn’t hurt the gun aficionados to give up their heavy artillery – They’ll still be able to use them for hunting/sport and for self-defense, and the country will be a safer place.  We won’t know for sure what the impact will be if stricter gun regulations are passed, but we need to try.  When you’re sick, you don’t know if the medicine you’re about to take is going to cure you 100%, but you try it anyway – and it may be an instant remedy that gets you up and going again, or it might just make you feel a little better, but will contribute to your eventual full health.  This is an important issue.  To me, it’s intuitive and makes so much sense, but I don’t know why it’s so difficult for so many to understand.


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