I’m usually pretty good about keeping rude comments to myself, but I find it rather amusing that the people who call Barack Obama a liar & believe the lies against him cite quotes from people who don’t matter, & seem to get most of their information from forwarded false emails, YouTube, Fox News, & stupid “political” memes on Facebook.

Finally, we have a president who has the guts to do something about our horrible healthcare system in spite of all the unsound opposition & uninformed opinions out there. The Roman Empire wasn’t built in one day – just as the implementation of groundbreaking policies such as social security were not seamless, the new solution is not at all perfect.  These initial weeks of implementation have not been without their challenges, and there are tons of unexpected hiccups and unintended consequences – but criticizing the administration on the Internet isn’t going to do anything to fix the problem.  If you really hate Obamacare that much, take your negative energy and use it to call your representatives in Congress, raise money, and do what you can to get rid of it.  Stop spamming my feed with or personally sending me unreliable, erroneous, deceiving content that I really don’t care about.  You’re not helping anyone or yourself by causing unnecessary drama on the internet just because you hate a piece of legislation that honestly doesn’t really concern you or impact you directly.

[deep breath]

Nonetheless, I commend Obama’s courage in leading this effort toward facilitating change to improve the health & well-being of all Americans.

[commence political debate]


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