Holy shit.


It’s been over a year since I’ve last posted.  I spent 10-ish minutes re-capping the last year of my life and the big changes I went though, but decided against boring the internet with the details.

Overall, it was my first permanent move away from my family, moving to a foreign city where I didn’t know anyone, starting a job at a company that was way out of my league, and figuring out how to be happy when it felt like everything was just working against me.  Skipping over the bad parts where I cried almost everyday, gained a bunch of weight, treated poor Cody (the only person I knew in the city) like shit – I’m happy now.

I am making significant progress in paying down my student debts.  I am finding balance between work, physical fitness, playing with Charlie, and building/strengthening relationships with Cody and my new friends out here.  I initially started in a role that wasn’t a great fit for me, but am now in a place where I wake up and am actually excited to get up in the morning.  I’ve also secured new mentors who inspire me everyday, and — I have mentees who look up to me as well.  It’s insane.  I have so many reasons to be thankful and I couldn’t feel more blessed with the way things turned out.  The first 10 months in Seattle were quite a struggle, but I’m finally starting to feel things fall into place.  I look forward to what the future will bring. 🙂

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