1c409e10f32711e2ac9b22000a1fb864_7I’m Kathleen, but I go by “Kat.”

I’m one of those white-washed Filipinos who don’t like crawfish and dress well because I was raised in Utah.  I appreciate how hard my parents worked to give me & my 3 siblings the best quality of life possible.

I’m a nerd of many hats, and am fascinated with politics, philosophy, economics, business and statistics.  I’m currently a demand management analyst at Overstock.com, with prior experience in market research, public opinion polling, and policy development.  The views expressed here in this blog are my own. 🙂

I stand at 5’2″ but my ambition reaches the sky.  I’m not exactly sure what I want to be when I grow up, but I know what I’m passionate about and I know that I want to drive a meaningful impact.  One thing I wish I could change about myself is that I’m a huge stress case – at times I can be harder on myself than I need to be, but it’s because I know I am capable of doing great things and I have a difficult time dealing with failure.  But what I’ve learned in my nearly 25 years of life is that the most important lessons are learned from making the biggest mistakes.  And believe me: I’ve committed my fair share, but know I’ll probably be involved with a million more fallacies while I’m on this earth.  I’m grateful for everything I’ve been through, both good and bad, because I have developed a greater awareness and appreciation for what is most valuable in life.  That’s exactly what this blog captures – my story as I progressed through young adulthood, and all the messiness, challenges, confusion, growth, enlightenment and beauty that stage of my life entails.  I wouldn’t have things any other way.  I have been blessed with so many opportunities, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me.


Thanks for visiting my blog.  I hope you enjoy my random spurts of ADD!

xoxo, Kat.
Instagram & Twitter: @Kaytilan
Email: kaytilan@gmail.com

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