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My First TV Interview

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On Wednesday, immediately following the State of the Union, I had the opportunity to interview on Utah Matters, a political segment on KJZZ Channel 14.  I joined my friend Marcus, who is the Chair of the Utah College Democrats, and two leaders within the Utah College Republicans.  We discussed topics including the minimum wage, fairness and equality, “free” community college tuition, the national debt, and tax reform.  With all the different people they could have brought in to respond to the State of the Union, I thought was really neat for the program to feature college students.  I had the opportunity to do some interviews when I went to the DNC back in 2012, but none of them were a full 30-minute segment like this one.  I never would’ve thought I’d have this kind of exposure at such a young age – it has been amazing and I am so grateful.

One of my biggest weaknesses is presenting – I have such a hard time articulating my ideas clearly and intelligently.  It was an incredible chance for me to learn a lot about I present the opinions that matter to me most under pressure.  It was also a great way for me to evaluate how I really feel about different issues, because the answer that came to mind first reflected how I truly felt about the topic I was asked about.  I know that the best way to improve a skill and overcome a weakness is to practice until it becomes second nature, but putting myself on the spot was probably the best thing I could do to overcome my stage fright.  It’s funny how something so scary can also be so much fun, and I hope I get more opportunities to do more interviews in the future.

With every new opportunity or big accomplishment, I reflect on where I am now, and where I started.  I am nowhere close to where I imagined I would be at this age, but I am still very proud of where I have come so far.  I am learning so much and meeting so many incredible people along the way.  I have great mentors and a wonderful support system, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my current situation.  I still have big ambitions, but I have learned to be patient – the thing that matters most is that I continue to give my all everyday.  I know it will all pay off.


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Self Pep-Talk

In spite of people always telling me that I’ve already accomplished so much for my age, there are often times when I reflect on the last couple of years of my life and can’t help but feel like I could have worked harder, and I could have done more.  What if I went straight into graduate school instead of decided to work?  What if I took a step back into an administrative position in DC, but was able to take two steps forward into the job in politics I really wanted?

And then I snap myself out of it.  There’s no point in questioning the things I can no longer change – I need to dedicate my energy to the things that are under my control.  I worked pretty damn hard to get to where I am now.  Even though I’m not where I want to be, I’m thankful I’m no longer where I used to be… and I know I’ll ultimately succeed in attaining everything I want as long as I continue to work hard, learn and grow.  I know I have so much potential to become anyone I want to be, but I don’t just want it to be potential – I actually want to become that person who inspires others.

Did you know it takes an oyster 5 years just to create a medium-sized pearl?  Remember, the best things are worth the wait.  Don’t rush the process, practice patience, and do not take short cuts.  There is no end to this lifestyle.  Just enjoy it and keep going.  Leverage your strengths, learn from your failures, and never give up.  Continue to identify your weaknesses and set goals on how you’re going to overcome them.  Changes will take effect because you are creating your own perfect pearl.

You can live a challenging, purpose-filled life in pursuit of your dreams or you can relax, sit back and watch others pursue theirs.  Every decision we make brings us one step closer or further from our purpose – the choice is yours.  “The journey won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.”


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