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An Example of Poor Leadership

Congressional poll numbers are at an all-time low precisely because of the Tea Party and the like of Ted Cruz.  The people are against congress because they can’t get anything done – Cruz and his obstructionist antics embody that paralysis. “My way or the highway” is no way to represent the “interests of your constituents,” and neither is blackmail or extortion.  Yes, Cruz is beholden to the people who elected him, but once he hit the Senate, he also has to do what is good for the country as a whole, and what he is doing is harmful.  Not only will federal jobs and entitlements in his own state be affected by a government shut down, but those of other states will be impacted as well.

This is why it’s so important to elect genuine leaders who care about real issues, and who will actually place an emphasis on solving the nation’s problems – not attention-seeking, arrogant jerks who will selfishly create MORE problems only after 9 months in office.

How the hell did something like providing healthcare to poor people become the biggest threat to American civilization anyways?  If opponents would only read the facts, they’d find that Obamacare isn’t as horrific as the media makes it seem, and they’d find out that all would ultimately benefit from such policy.

Inhale, exhale. </rant>

UPDATE (10/1):


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