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If you take the first letters of my little group of girlfriends’ names – Candice, Aly, Kat & Estée – it spells “Cake.” When I was in DC, I missed my girlfriends so badly, and the acronym our names spelled is something I thought of when I was intoxicated by the overpriced liquor I was spoiling myself with while I was out there.

Yesterday, we finally had a chance to grab pho for lunch. It was nice, because we really hardly ever get to see each other all together with our conflicting schedules, boyfriends and other business.

Estée is in nursing school full-time and also works two 16-hour shifts per week. Candice is finishing up her bachelors degree in MIS up at the U of U and working as well. Aly is the youngest, and pursuing a degree in biotechnology at SLCC and also helping out at her family’s coffee shop. And I’ve already gone on and on about my 60-hour work week, LSAT preparation & “gym-flow,” as they call it, so I won’t reiterate that again. All our schedules overlap and we’re lucky when we even receive each others’ texts.

My group of girls has grown and shrunk over the years, but these girls have always been there. It’s really sad, but I think it’s a damn fact that girls can’t get along, so I’ve been lucky to have had these three be there for me through it all. Since I was so busy and overwhelmed with the changes, I didn’t keep in touch with a lot of people while I was in DC, including these girls, but they didn’t treat me any differently when I got back. It’s nice to have friends who you can trust with your secrets and not judge you for them, but it’s better to have had them experience those crazy moments and make those mistakes with you so you could look back and laugh at them. It’s nice to have friends who will build you up when you feel insecure or stressed out about something, but it’s even better to have friends who will work with you and help you through the problem you’re having. It’s nice to have friends who will respect that you have work in the morning and not drag you out to the club, but I’d rather have friends who peer pressure you to come out, have a great time and drink until you’re unconscious. We’re enjoying our youth but we still have our priorities and heads on straight. That’s the type of friendship we have, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

I owe a lot to these girls for loving me unconditionally even though I can be annoying sometimes. For being honest with me even when I can’t be honest with myself. For helping me become a better person when I start to go off on the wrong track. They’re the type of girls you plan to ask to be your bridesmaids and who you want to be “aunties” to your future baby. They really are great girls, and I can see us all doing great things – I can’t wait to see what happens when we run this bitch someday.


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