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Grassroots Politics

[Before you read any further, I have to let you know that this is just another post where I am blabbing about my own personal drama.] I have to be completely honest. I just got finished crying my eyes out before I finally pulled myself together so that I could look half-decent before my second job. I’m just having another one of those days. My internship ends in about 5 weeks, and I still don’t have a full-time job lined up. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy listening to people’s responses when I conduct political opinion polls, especially with the upcoming election. I don’t know if I’m just expecting way too much for myself, but I just feel like I should be doing a lot better. I’ve been networking pretty aggressively and I’ve got some really good leads now, but another obstacle has arisen. I was offered to work on THREE Democratic campaigns, but the problem is that Democrats are cash-poor. I would be working for free again. I literally broke down again for the 582nd time this year.

After wallowing in my sorrow for the hour break I have in between my internship and my job, and after gaining my composure and re-touching my makeup, I walked into work with a half-ass smile on my face and forced myself to man up and look at the bright side of this. (I am such a baby, I even annoy myself.)

The advantage of not having a full-blown career yet is that I get to enjoy the flexibility of an internship and part-time job. I can request days off whenever I need, and this allows me to get more involved with outside activities. I probably would not have as much time to invest in my campaign for National Delegate if I had an already-established career. I’ve already requested 4 separate weekends off for delegate stuff. I still have time to volunteer with a campaign, which can still provide me with substantive experience and help me become acquainted with more connections, so ultimately it would still be rewarding. I’ve also had plenty of time to meet with political candidates and learn more about them and about the issues that are currently being discussed. And it’s been really fun!

I still don’t know what I’m going to end up doing in about 5 weeks when I wrap up my internship, but regardless, I should definitely take advantage of the extra time and flexibility I’ll have if I don’t find a job. This gives me an opportunity to be more involved in ways I probably won’t be able to in the future. And hopefully working on campaigns and volunteering will help me gain viable experience and meet new people who will get me closer to finding a job I can finally be happy with.

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