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Another One About the ACA, the Shutdown, etc…

… I don’t and probably never will understand the logic behind the extreme right’s selfish, unreasonable, obstructionist tactics.

I have a quick bit of advice for Boehner, Cantor, and the whole team on that side of the aisle: give up.  You lost.  Obama won this one – no, AMERICA won this one.  The ACA is happening, and the people actually SUPPORT it, whether you like it or not!

The ACA was passed by both houses of Congress 3 years ago.  The bill was then signed into law by the President, and the SCOTUS upheld the constitutionality thereof.  The American people re-elected Obama to the Presidency while the ACA was the most controversial issue of the election – in fact, Obama beat Romney by nearly 5 million votes!  The ACA is the law of the land.  Now House Republicans are throwing a tantrum at the expense of the 800,000 federal employees who were effectively laid off from their jobs yesterday, including my father and many other close friends.  The Republicans have finally passed a jobs bill; only their jobs bill, of course, costs people their jobs.

Win the election first before you start imposing your unreasonableness and unpopular ideas on the entire country.  Oh wait – you won’t be able to win a presidential election by promoting extremist ideals and by engaging in unethical behavior.  Good luck with that.

The government shut down, but the ACA is up and rolling.  The GOP gained and accomplished nothing by trying to hold out for some kind of withdrawal of the ACA because it’s NOT going to happen.  Americans are so overwhelmingly supportive of Obamacare to the extent that the servers for the ACA Marketplace have crashed since it’s gone live due to high volume and traffic!  With each day that passes, the more real the ACA becomes.  It’s here and it’s not going away.  Meanwhile, the negative opinion toward the Republican Party will increase the longer the shutdown stays in effect.  It’s a measurable fact that Americans are already holding the Republicans accountable for it.  And for what?  To make a statement that they clearly don’t understand the policymaking process?  Or to demonstrate how much they TRULY care about the interests of the constituents they represent?

The founding fathers devised our form of government to assure the success and participation of minorities’ desires.  However, this small number of Conservatives are not acting in the interests of the people or government, but are obviously trying to dismantle the government from within.  There are 532 MOC’s at present. 20 out of 532 represent less than 4 percent of the Congress. Imagine that. Less than 4 percent of Congress is destroying us.

On the bright side, this might be a wake-up call to many voters who may be encouraged to vote the extremists out of office.  Could this even raise the possibility of a three-party system, or at least perhaps a paradigm shift to some sort of middle ground?  If this kind of incompetence and irresponsibility continues by the Republican Party, I think it’s safe to say we have a shot at taking over all three branches come 2016. 🙂


An Example of Poor Leadership

Congressional poll numbers are at an all-time low precisely because of the Tea Party and the like of Ted Cruz.  The people are against congress because they can’t get anything done – Cruz and his obstructionist antics embody that paralysis. “My way or the highway” is no way to represent the “interests of your constituents,” and neither is blackmail or extortion.  Yes, Cruz is beholden to the people who elected him, but once he hit the Senate, he also has to do what is good for the country as a whole, and what he is doing is harmful.  Not only will federal jobs and entitlements in his own state be affected by a government shut down, but those of other states will be impacted as well.

This is why it’s so important to elect genuine leaders who care about real issues, and who will actually place an emphasis on solving the nation’s problems – not attention-seeking, arrogant jerks who will selfishly create MORE problems only after 9 months in office.

How the hell did something like providing healthcare to poor people become the biggest threat to American civilization anyways?  If opponents would only read the facts, they’d find that Obamacare isn’t as horrific as the media makes it seem, and they’d find out that all would ultimately benefit from such policy.

Inhale, exhale. </rant>

UPDATE (10/1):


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