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Convention Weekend

Kathleen Villanueva - Utah Democratic Convention Credential


This weekend was a busy one for me.  Friday evening, I attended the Taylor & Mayne awards dinner to see Weston Clark deservedly receive the award, and I also went to the United Way Young Leaders annual party.  I was also invited to a SL Chamber event at the new aquarium and a friend’s launch party for his new product that I wasn’t able to make it to.  Yesterday, I attended my second convention ever as a delegate for House District 14.  Even though there aren’t as many big elections (no senate or presidential elections this year), it was still just as exciting as the last.

Two years ago, I went to my first convention ever – all alone.  While I had a lot of family and friends supporting my decision to run for delegate, I attended the convention alone, not knowing anyone really. But putting myself in the spotlight was one of the best decisions I ever made.  This year, I still arrived alone since I don’t really have any political frinds, but there were familiar faces everywhere.  It was so much easier to network and get introduced to such inspirational and well-meaning people.

Kathleen Villanueva Utah

Kathleen Villanueva and Luz Robles (UT-SD1 and Candidate for Utah House CD2)

I expressed my aspiration to work in politics someday, despite my wonderful situation at Cicero.  I am very grateful to have such an interesting and rewarding job, but ultimately I’d still like to pursue my dream of crafting policy that will better the lives of millions of people.  It’s incredible how I’ve always had a plan to work in politics, and after so many years, I’m still working so hard to execute it – while there are other people who never even gave two cents about politics, and ended up landing one of the neatest opportunities in it and falling completely in love with it.  I truly envy the people I just described, but either way, I’m moving forward, and I’ll get there someday. 🙂

I love meeting candidates and talking about the issues that are important to me.  I stressed issues including funding for education, long-term investments in infrastructure, technology and alternative energy, and an economic environment that both enables hard-working students out of undergrad to easily find jobs, as well as for business owners to innovate and grow.

In an effort to get more involved, I am now secretary of the Davis county chapter of the Utah Young Democratic Caucus.  I am looking forward to get more engaged and to make more of a difference in my community.  I really need to do more beyond my role in the Rules Committee.  I feel bad that I get jazzed up about politics during election years, but once the election is over, I kind of fall out of politics and just start concentrating solely in working and making money again.  I need to stay engaged throughout the whole year if I ever want to get there someday.

I don’t know if we’ll win any federal elections, or be able to replace all the retiring Democrats in our state legislature with more of our own… But I feel confident that we’re making progress.  Someday this state is going to turn purple. 🙂 I really want to help drive that change, and I can’t wait to experience what it will feel like to have helped contribute to such a huge victory.

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Le Sigh – Fundraising

Oh, what the heck… I may as well.

First of all, I want to express how honored I feel to have been given the opportunity to represent you at the Democratic National Convention to nominate President Obama for a well-deserved re-election this fall. I could hardly believe it when Jim Matheson stumbled on my last name when he announced I had won at the State Convention – all thanks to YOUR support.

This experience has already opened doors for me and I have really enjoyed making so many wonderful new friends throughout the community. It has felt so great to be involved with the political process, and to know that what I am doing is making a meaningful difference.

Goal Thermometer
Now, I am reaching out to you for one last piece of support – I would greatly appreciate any donation you would be willing to make toward helping me with the costs of attending the convention. Every little bit will help SO much. Your generosity means very much to me, and I am truly grateful for this experience.

I just can’t wait to show the President how much we proud Utah Democrats support him!
Be Well & Regards,
Kat V.
(801) 888-1707

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Coming out of the State Convention :)

Kathleen Villanueva - Official National Delegate for Utah Congressional District 1

I still can’t believe I won the election for the National Delegate spot in representation of my district. I’m so stoked. Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to pay for this trip, but that’s the least of my worries.

It feels so great to have made an accomplishment. I need to make these little achievements from time to time to remind myself that I’m still making progress, even though I’m not exactly where I want to be. I’m so lucky to have this opportunity. I probably won’t ever run for national delegate again so that someone else can have this chance – I’m just so stoked to be able to say I was able to attend the Democratic National Convention as a 21-year old. Now I’m going to aim for becoming a Super Delegate once I’ve become accomplished enough & “stomped ass” on enough Republicans! Haha. And I won’t be afraid to vote for myself next time – So many people reprimanded me for not doing so this time! I don’t know why I felt so uncomfortable doing it. asdf;kljsa

I just wanted to add this little note – the thing that was really sad about the convention is that there were a lot of great candidates and volunteers who worked really hard and invested lots of time and financial resources on their campaigns, but there could only be one nominee. Delegates had tough decisions to make last weekend. I really liked Dean Collinwood in that I thought he was a good candidate with solid values, but I had a feeling that Jay Seegmiller would win the nomination because of his excellent track record and all his great accomplishments as a state legislator. I can’t vote in District 2, but I’m excited to see Jay Seegmiller take on Chris Stewart. (Who the heck is Chris Stewart? o.O) It was really sad to see Pete Ashdown booted out of the race because he’s such a nice man with wonderful perspectives and good intentions. I shook his hand and thanked him for running after the convention. But I am confident that Scott Howell has great potential to beat out whoever the Republican nominee is. This is going to be such an exciting race!

If anyone who supported me during this election is reading this, I want to personally thank you for believing in me more than I even believed in myself. This is such a great opportunity and I owe it to so many great people. Please keep in touch! And make sure to vote for Donna McAleer for UT-CD1 on June 26th in the Primary!

When I heard Rep. Jim Matheson (D-UT2) stumble on my last name, my heart jumped and I couldn't believe I had won!

And here are some features in the St. George News covering the convention results, & the Salt Lake Tribune where my tweet was published! Gosh, I’m just really excited to be a part of the political process – such an awesome experience.

I don’t know what these stepping stones will lead to in my next chapter of life, but whatever it is, I look forward to it.

Also, I interview with the Philippine Embassy tomorrow about my ambassador application – Ah, It feels great to have so much to be happy for lately.

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Work in Progress

The following is a draft of the mass email I’m going to send to all Utah State Delegates before the upcoming convention – I’d appreciate any critique, suggestions, etc. And please don’t laugh too much at me for being so cheesy.

Dear ____,

Hello there! My name is Kathleen Villanueva and I am running for National Delegate. I’m reaching out to YOU in request of your support for me to represent the First Congressional District or the State At-Large this September at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The reason I am running for National Delegate is because I want to get involved in doing something meaningful for our community as well as become better acquainted with how residents like you feel about important issues facing our nation and our state.

As you know, our interests as Democrats in this red state of Utah are constantly challenged and disregarded. One of the things I feel is most important for everyone to understand is tolerance. We all come from different backgrounds and believe in different things, but it doesn’t mean that our opinions don’t matter. The values we believe in as laborers, people of color, innovators, entrepreneurs, the disabled, veterans and the LGBT community of Utah need to be represented at the federal level. In our diversity of culture, skills, beliefs and experiences lie the keys to change and opportunity that we would all like to see in our communities and in our country.

I was born 21 years ago on Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines and I have lived in Davis County for 17 years. I attended Hill Field Elementary, Layton Elementary, Bluff Ridge Elementary, Central Davis Junior High, Syracuse Junior High and Northridge High School. I recently graduated from the University of Utah in Political Science, Economics and International Relations, and ultimately I hope that someday in the future I may be someone who can work to foster growth and development for the Beehive State. But for now, I would like to represent our community and cast my vote for President Obama because I am confident he will continue to deliver positive change and make progress in this country with our best interests at heart – and I won’t be able to have this opportunity without your support.

I will continue to communicate with our community beyond Convention to ensure that constituents’ concerns continue to be addressed by the folks who are obliged to listen to them. I kindly appreciate your support and I would be more than happy to meet if you wish to have a more detailed conversation with me. I am very interested in learning more about what is important to you, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you so much! See you at Convention!

Mobile: (801) 888-1707

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My Run for National Delegate

I may be going way over my head for doing this, but I really, really want to go to the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina this year to vote for Obama.

The candidate list came out today. Holy moly, there’s a lot of people running this year. I hope playing the card that I’m “young and would like to get involved” will help me win this election. I will probably have better luck in winning in the First Congressional district in which I live, rather than At-Large. I want this so bad because I know it would be a rewarding experience and it would put my name out there. I don’t want to fly under the radar anymore. I know I’m young and I’m just starting out, but I already want to be doing something meaningful for my community. This might just be the best way to get my foot in the door.

Wish me luck!

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